This article shows you how to insert a text input user response.

  • A user response takes place when the Chatbot asks a website visitor for information. That request could be clicking a button, selecting a menu item, or choosing a day on a date picker. Text input is just one kind of user response.

Text input

There are 8 text input tools. Basically, they all ask website visitors to do the same thing: type words or numbers into a box.

The 8 text input options are:

  • Address
  • Custom Text
  • Email Address
  • Full name
  • Mobile Number
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Password

1 Opening the Message block

You place a user response inside a Message block. A Message block can contain only one user response.

  1. Go to the Builder page.
  2. Locate the Bot you want to edit and then click Edit on the toolbar. The Builder page displays.
  3. Locate the Message block that will contain the user response.
  4. Click the Message block. The Message panel displays.
  5. Click Add to insert a new message line.
  6. Type a sentence that asks visitors to respond to a prompt.

The image below shows a Message block with 4 message lines. The blue box in the top right corner tells us that no user response has been set up for this Message block.

The last message line give me your phone number is the request that displays on the Chatbot. We need to insert a text input to digitally create this request and collect the data.

User Response & Message Panel Indication

2 Inserting text input

In this example, we show you how to create a text input with a mobile number. The process is the same for the other text input options.

  1. Click User Response at the bottom of the Message panel. The User Response panel displays.
  2. Click the box beside Input Type. A drop-down menu displays.
  3. Select Text.
  4. Click the box beside Type. A drop-down menu displays.
  5. Select Mobile Number
  6. Click Continue. The Message panel displays.
  7. Click Save.
User Response_Mobile Number

3 Previewing the Chatbot

After placing one user response inside one Message block, we can preview the results.

Bot Preview_Phone Number

4 Customizing text input

The User Response panel has 5 customisation features.

1 Text Case

  • This feature changes the display of words in the Chatbot. The default is No Case. That means letters and words display in the Chatbot as written by the user.
  • The other options are Capitalize Each Word, Lower Case, and Upper Case.

2 Validation

  • Click this toggle if you want the Chatbot system to assess the input against a standard. This is a useful tool to make sure website visitors type in a properly formatted email address, for instance.

3 User can skip

  • Click this toggle if you want to make text input optional rather than required.
  • The toggle places a blue button beside the Chatbot’s text input box (see image below).
Input Skip Button

4 Legal Consent

  • Click this toggle if you want to add a statement to the Chatbot that verifies a website visitor agrees to your privacy policy.
  • For more information see: Adding Legal Consent.

5 GDPR Settings

  • Click this toggle if you want to add a statement to the Chatbot that verifies a website visitor accepts your GDPR Compliance document.
  • Selecting this setting is important if you collect personal information, like an email address.
  • For more information see: Adding Legal Consent.
User Response_Mobile Number

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