This article shows you how to interpret figures on the Data and Analytics page.

1 Understanding the figures

  1. Open the Data and Analytics page for a Chatbot.
  2. Scroll to the top of the page and locate the 5 data boxes.

1 Chats Initiated

This counts the number of times a Chabot is opened on a website. Chatbots open when a visitor clicks or hovers the mouse pointer on the Text Overlay.

2 Interactions

This counts the number of times a website visitor enters a user response (e.g. click a button or type an email address).

3 Interaction Rate

This a calculation: interactions (#2) divided by Chatbot initiations (#1).

4 Goals Completed

This counts the number of times a goal has been achieved. A goal is a measurable user interaction on a user response item that you decided to track.

To generate data for this performance indicator, you must first select goals. For more information about creating goals, see:

5 Goal Rate

This a calculation: the number of goals completed (#4) divided by the number of interactions (#2).

2 Understanding the charts

There are 2 main charts at the bottom of the Data and Analytics page.

Device Open Rate

This chart takes the total number of Initiated Chats and provides a split between desktop and mobile devices.

Device Open Rate

Interaction and Goal Rate

These charts summarize figures from the 5 data boxes at the top of the page.

Interaction & Goal Rate

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