This article shows you how to create overlay text for your Chatbot.

Overlay text is a short text field with an icon. These two elements usually sit in the bottom right corner of your page. These elements remain unchanged until a user engages with the Chatbot. That engagement usually begins with a response to a question.

Overlay Text

Overlay text is a critical tool that helps increase customer engagement and click through rates (CTR). You will likely want to test different text versions and pay attention to CTRs before making a final selection.

You can change the icon. For more information, see:

1 Customizing overlay text

  1. Open the Design page.
  2. Locate the toolbox on the left side of the page.
  3. Click Bot Design. The menu displays.
Bot Design

Overlay text

Click the text box and enter a short statement or question. Aim for text which speaks to a compelling benefit, offers a solution, or simply invites users to ask a question.

The purpose of the overlay text is to get users engaged with the Chatbot. That’s why many people have success with the simple question, “Can I help you?”

Notification Count

This feature places a number beside the icon. Its purpose is to suggest the there is high traffic on the site and there is a waiting list of users for this information service.

The default number if 1. Increase the number of clicking on the Up arrow.

2 Saving

You save your work by clicking the Save button at the top of the page. There is no Preview button for the Chatbot on the Design page.

Save&Launch&Next Icons

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