This article shows you how to insert a GIF into a Chatbot. A GIF (graphical interchange format) file contains several images which play in a loop. A GIF is sometimes used to provide comic relief but can communicate useful information to website visitors, as well.

There are 3 ways to place a GIF inside a Message block. These are the same file selection methods used to insert an image. The only difference is you cannot search the Free Stock Images catalog for GIF files.

Note: When inserting a GIF file, make sure the file extension is .gif. If the file does not have the .gif extension, the GIF may not display properly in the Chatbot.

1 Opening a Message block

GIFs are placed inside a Message block. A GIF cannot be placed beside text. A GIF is placed on a blank message line that sits above or below text.

  1. Go to the My Bots page.
  2. Locate the Bot you want to edit and then click Edit. The Builder page opens.
  3. Click a Message block. The Message panel displays.
  4. Click Add to insert a blank message line.
  5. Click the Image Selector button. The Select File panel displays.
Adding an image in a new block

2 Selecting a file source

  1. Click the Select File Source button. A drop-down menu displays for 4 image loading options.
  2. Select how you want to place a GIF inside your message.
Selecting the image file source

3 Uploading from your computer

Select this option if you want to upload a GIF from your computer.

  1. Select Upload from Computer.
  2. Click Browse.
  3. Locate the GIF on your computer.
  4. Click the GIF file. The file address appears in the window.
  5. Click Use this Image. The GIF uploads to your Bot file.
  6. Click Continue. The Message panel displays.
  7. Click Save. The GIF appears as a link in the Message block.
Image URL

4 Uploading from URL

You can insert a GIF by adding the file’s GIF link. This is a good option if you use a GIF hosted on a GIF site that offers a Free to Use license.

  1. Open the Select File panel and then select Upload from URL.
  2. Open a new window on your computer and then locate the GIF you want to insert.
  3. If available, copy the GIF link.
  4. Or, right-click the GIF and then choose Copy image address.
  5. Return to the Select File panel.
  6. Right-click on the File/URL path box.
  7. Select Paste. The GIF link is placed inside the box.
  8. Click the Use this Image box. The GIF is uploaded to your Bot file.
  9. Click Continue. The Message panel displays.
  10. Click Save. The GIF file appears as a link in the Message block.
Copying the image address

5 Uploading from Gallery

To reduce image search time, select the Gallery option. The Gallery displays images that match your Bot topic. The Gallery also acts as a storage area for previously uploaded images and GIFs files. This is a handy time-saving tool if you want to use the same GIF file more than once.

  1. Open the Select File panel and then select Gallery. A list of options displays. The options include thumbnails and URLs.
  2. Click a thumbnail to preview the GIF.
  3. Scroll through the list to preview other options.
  4. To insert a GIF, click the file you want and then click Continue at the bottom of the panel. The Message panel displays.
  5. Click Save. The image appears as a link in the Message block.
Thumbnail of selected GIF

6 Inserting an image link

You have the option of adding a link to each GIF you place in the Message block. When a website visitor is looking at your Chatbot and clicks the GIF, a new tab opens with that URL.

You can add, change, or delete the image link any time.

  1. Click the block that holds the GIF you want to modify. The Message panel displays.
  2. Click the image button beside the image link. The Select File panel displays.
  3. Enter the URL in the Image Link box at the bottom of the panel.
  4. To delete a link, highlight the URL with the mouse pointer and then push the Delete button on your keyboard.
  5. Click Continue at the bottom of the panel. The Message panel displays.
  6. Click Save.
Insert image URL

7 Previewing your GIF

  1. Go to the Builder page.
  2. Click Preview in the top menu. The Chatbot displays on the right side of the screen. Your GIF appears as part of the message.
  3. Hover the mouse pointer on the GIF. If the pointer changes to a hand, the image link is working. If the pointer is unchanged, the GIF is not connected to a URL link.
GIF in the Bot

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