This article describes two strategies for business people thinking about selling Chatbots.

For more information about how to sell Chatbots, watch these videos:

1 Selecting a mass market

Target a segment which allows you to create a Chabot that can be sold as an off the shelf product. Chose a market which has many businesses that require a similar product. Two examples of mass markets opportunities include restaurants and gyms.

Though the business might be different, the Chatbot requirements are similar. Minimal customization is required because most of the questions are the same. For restaurants, for instance, common questions might include:

  • What time do you open?
  • Do you have parking?
  • Do you serve vegan food?

2 Selecting on a niche

Select a niche market which can’t easily be served by off the shelf Chatbot products. This sales strategy involves custom builds, customizations, and possibly ongoing maintenance work.

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